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Hiking for Beginers

Hiking for Beginers

Brighter Side of hiking makes camping which includes overnight stay in the mountain.

Whether it is in a camping on the lawn or in the snow, it is necessary to respect certain rules.

In the article "mountaineering equipment" You can find out more about the equipment used on a camping trip, and here to get some of the tips that you can use.

Upon arrival at the camp, it is very important to choose the right location for setting up tents. What can not it be nice, is to wake up in the water, so you need to pay attention to where the water flows and where it would take in the event that during the night it rains, so that they could set up a tent at a safe location, and for each case, the tent can dig shallower channel, so that the water flowed around him.

It is important to check all parts of the tent and take advantage of all the pins to the proper weights, because it is very important that the two layers of the tent are not in contact, because otherwise the tent leaked.

Setting up a tent is not proposed during the night because of rain or high humidity.

If you like to sleep on a long camping trip, on arrival at the camp check which way the sun comes out, so you can set up a tent in the shelter of a tree, so you would not wake up the first signs.

In the case to camp in the woods, it is very important to ensure the wild animals. They are often attracted to the food you can feel and a few hundred meters, especially in the case of a favorable wind. It is suggested that food close to several layers in order to avoid any possible smell, a barbecue store away from the tent. Good thing to have is a power source. Having a generator can come in handy at long camping. Some small generator like these one here. Pick a small one that you can carry around and you will be ready to enjoy the wilderness while you can charge your phone,laptop or camera to take pictures.

It is recommended that food leave even a little away from the tent, in a higher wood, to make sure that you will have a surprise visit during the night.

Fire is very important. Evening can be warm, dry yeast goods and footwear and store food. The fire also refuses to animals because they fear.

Mosquitoes often tend to be a problem on a camping trip, it is very important to close the tent well as you insert it, so later they would have no problem with them. In case you sleep in the open, there are networks that can be purchased for about ten euros and protect against mosquitoes.

Camping is very important to maintain personal hygiene. After a couple of days do not swim creates the basis for the emergence of the fungus, it is very important to keep critical parts clean. In case of extreme cold and lack of liquid water in the vicinity, it is necessary to use wet wipes which contain alcohol.

Before you go camping, you need to know whether in this area has drinking water and on this basis to take the necessary supplies.

In winter the water can get by melting snow, and there are tablets for purifying water that can be bought in pharmacies for a couple of euro.

DO NOT USE THE SNOW during the spring for obtaining water has changed color, he BIOLOGICAL active and contains a lot of bacteria that can lead to death.

In the case to camp in very cold conditions, pay attention to the fact that water and food during the night to hold the bag itself, how it until the morning would not freeze.

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